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Antonio Ballester Moreno

Estrella, 2009

Cardboard And Pen / Paper

50.5 x 53 cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-A kiss on the cheek
-I'll send you a photograph of a star every day during one whole year. Those stars can be found anywhere, not only in the sky
-A home-made three course meal and champagne; brutalist menu at home
-A photograph of your piece (I will use Photoshop)
-Tickets for two for four concerts from the concert promoter Mercury Wheels
-4 sessions of personal coaching to stimulate creativity
-Weekend in the Borgia's native land (Játiva) including rice, Almoixavena and Arnadí (charm hotel)
-Weekend in Guadalupe (Cáceres) in a house with views over the Monastery (PHE) including typical food from the region and drinks in the terrasse -Designing a magnificent house for you when I become an architect
-A kiss on your lips
-I'll read you Andersen tales every Saturday for a month
-Tickling, hugging and laughing lessons, many kisses and one more star
-I offer a painting of myself, a joke
-A spiral and a flower drawn using a compass
-Three years free respiratory medicine visits

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