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Arturo Hernandez

Moneda-Erosión ( Erosion-Coin) Moneda de 50 centavos de euro


Winning Bid

Mezcal club one year subscription (12 bottles, 500 ml each one)

Barter History

- I offer a dinner invitation at my house with potato omelette, salmon,cheese, wine and nice conversation
- A fanzine
- One portrait
- Artwork N.10 (or other from the serie)
- 12 jars of artisan jam and mustard
- Spray cans sculpture
- The other side of the coin
- Artisan eye patch
- A meteorite
- 50 kisses and 8888888 (kisses) and video production collaboration
- 11 x 14 inches photo of my own art work
- A coin from my Grandma

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