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Bob Gruen

Joe Strummer, Top of the Rock, NYC - 1981

B&W silver gelatin fiber base photo print


Winning Bid

-hand-made guitar

Barter History

-Small vintage mulberry bag
-Shorvon and hunter print
-Original copies of legendary magazine "The End"
-A painting of your choice in return
-Look at
-Soundwaves art limited edition print of choice
-The Charlatans
-Some friendly
-Original cromalin proof for album cover
-I'll knit you a pair of socks, let ne know shoe size please
-A package of London goodies sent every month for one year
-Can include any goods you can't get in NY such as prawn cocktail crisps, marmite, good cheddar cheese, cider or other British goods
-Chance to be a firefighter for the day

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