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Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith


Surface mounted supergloss print on archival paper

80 x 50 cm

Winning Bid

one year of gardening by RNG kew trained gardener

Barter History

-a bollywood wedding planning service for your wedding reception or vow renewing ceremony in mumbai -a photographic portrait -4 days stay in 2-bedrooms flat in capri italy for 4 people maximum, valid until june 2013 -video and audio post production -a dragon miniature figurine "Cold Drake" -I can be your model or art assistant for one day -qualified chef to cook (prepare, supply, clean) delicious dinner party at your house (10 people) -assisting you or modelling for one of your next projects -5 Vespa rides in London (zone 1) valid for 6 months between 8am and 8pm

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