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Charlotte Colbert


Winning Bid

Barter History

-The design of a catalogue or monograph by designer Carole Courtillé
- "Moonkissed" etching I made in Florence (VIlla Lena Foundation)
- design of your book or website + a swiss meal (not necessary in that order)
- an art piece by
- editing and translation of all your texts to spanish and promotion of your art in spain (access to galeries, platforms, etc) + jamon serrano
-Andy Collishaw
- I can be your personal driver to any event within London. Will wait for you outside for the duration and can wear a drivers hat! Elli Popp Silk Scarf (choice of 3 designs)
- A black line tattoo of your design and dinner at my house
- a lighting study of your space to create an appealing lighting scheme and highlight the art pieces
- portrait of your baby girl (painting/etching)

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