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Charlotte le Hardy

Chip on My Shoulder

Brooch Gilding metal, nickel, gold 2012

Winning Bid

-assistance with press and marketing for your work until I achieve getting you one article in a magazine or newspaper of your choice

Barter History

- A drawing of a bag of chips, graphite on paper
- 10 hours of Italian lessons -10 x 1 hour piano lesson, you'll be able to play up to 3 of your favorite songs
- Week end in a charming cottage in Oxfordshire, including horse riding
- 4 hand-made/ loved made leather or textile purses, choose your colour and dimension, so lovely you're gonna love them, present for friends or yourself
- French lessons followed by a sejour in France, Brittany (flights not included)
- A dinner at your favorite burger place to taste some real chips

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