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Elnaz Niknani

Be nice

Collage, 29 x 21cm, 2015

Winning Bid

Some art by me (painting, drawing or print). Examples here:

Barter History

-You will be hanging on my wall amongst famous artists
- 3 Oysters at Happy Hour
- I can design and build you a website
- brunch at our house and a walk in the East End
- An exquisite handmade headress in colours of your choice
- "Learning to tame our mind" participation in four meditation classes.
-Unbroken lineage of Buddhist teachers
- Artist film -I shoot on super 8 film
- I'm a make-up artist
- make up for any event, occasion etc
- A package of printmaking sessions at my print studio (intaglio). Details to discuss.
- Bespoke Christmas wrapping - 10 maximum
- dinner and peewee
- 3 one to one shamanic sound healing sessions
- full outfit from Dagmar (house of Dagmar)
- 3 french sessions (special vocabulary related to your life and your nice red dress)

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