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Gavin Turk

Fright Wig Purple on Paper

Silkscreen, 2015

35 x 34 cm

Winning Bid

1 night in Peyrassol!

Barter History

A postcard I just bought from RCA Secrets and I don’t know the artist until March, 19th. A unique polaroid (framed) by me. 5 Lighting Mcqueen stickers from my collection . I will buy you a dinner with some expensive wine I made. A Mouloukhieh/Lebanese/Egyptian dish at my place. Discover Geneva and stay in a collector’s apt. in a beautiful park for a mutually agreed time. Breakfast at my home in Ankara, Turkey. An exhibition curated by me + a day in London (Olivier Varenne). A long conversation about your work + invitation to very special Vienna Heurigen restaurant. A paintball gun I never used. To print your next portrait (or any image) screenprinting x 25 limited edition in Hackney Wick - around the corner from your studio.

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