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Jamie Shovlin

Cosecha oscura (Media Study Louis Octavian)

Watercolour on paper, 2010

42 x 38.5 cm

Winning Bid

Barter History

-I shall give out one of my favourite photograph clicked by me.
-A night making crafts with my club "scrafty little so & so's".
-A cup of tea.
-Artist in residence day at Dubai English speaking college.
-Any program of your choice with Art Experts during our April sessions.
-2 life coaching sessions/ Break Through Experience.
-2 nights b&b / hotel anywhere in UK countryside.
-Full day of pampering at spa or barber.
-An opportunity to work with me on changing the world & offering the remarkable.
-To donate clothes and food to a charity of your choice I have nothing to offer but a gift of you to yourself.
-Exchange for 1 of my works - pls
-A painting from a 14 year old aspiring artist and the best home made cookies in the world.
-10 hours of math tuition.
-Daycation - meal & day out at spa or barber spa with pool access.

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