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Jorge Peris

Pulpo Jones, 2011

Mixed media, cardboard, octopus, salt


Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Premiere of a choreography in Cairo in 2012 (Opera House o Townhouse Gallery)
 -A dinner in Ten Con Ten restaurant in Madrid
-A stay in an apartment in la Azohia (Cartagena, Murcia) from October until June, and octopus cooked in the oven by a local
-One of my pieces (Alex Frances)
-An afternoon skating in El Retiro
-PR and communication services for one event
-Bikram Yoga lessons
-One of my pieces (Carme Alonso)
-A choreography
 -I'll tattoo on my chest the artist's name, and will record it on video
-Artwork exchange (Fernando Herlop)
-Spending a whole afternoon talking nonesense
-A seafood dinner in a mythical place on street Ponzano so that we can chat
-An online feature in Ars and a few beers (not more than seven) with the editorial staff
-A dedicated goal, a fright and a paper ball.
-Modeling for a new painting; I'll pose as Medusa with my tentacular hair
-Ten guitar lessons or thinking about the concept of communication for your next exhibition
-A walk in the clouds
-A 180-liter fish tank (including filter, thermostat and automatic food dispenser) with a dangerous piranha in it
-I'll do 5-6 tasks in Madrid for you (my time): administrative tasks (bank, town hall, compulsory vehicle inspection, errands,…) -Oil painting done by myself, Tribute to Mapplethorpe
-An afternoon together so that you can teach me things I don't know about art, a dinner in the best restaurant in my town and a watercolour with warm tones (my favorite) -Spend some time, having coffee or a drink, in my apartment while I show you my contemporary art collection -Immersion in a Phoenician treasure and a beer later, at dawn
-Private dinner. Starters: mussel delight on toast with Cullera tomato and AliOli of purple garlic. Fresh hacke with Mota garlic, olive oil and pil-pil. Main dish: ox fillet steak with Himalaya salt. Desserts: home-made icecream of Cuban mojito. Wines: Albariño Fillaboa and Ribera del Duero (Pesquera reserva). Colombian coffee. Drinks and good company.
-Consulting and advising on how to plan, design and build your house, taking into account bioclimatic, passive and sustainable aspects. A zero-energy and zero-carbon house. An ecological house -Weekend on a boat in the Galician ias Baixas. We'll show you virgin islands, inaccessible coves, the Atlantic Islands natural parc, we'll eat and have dinner in old marine taverns, taste local fish and shellfish, we'll snorkel, we'll sleep under the moonlight in really beautiful anchorages; all this in the company of a family who is in love with those places.
-Interpreting your piece using what I learnt in El Bulli
-A thousand times thank you on a paper -An author book made of photographs (I'm a photographer) taken to a Spanish artist in his Paris studio in March 2008. It's a limited edition of 4 Preliminary plan of a house, studio or whatever you want, up to 200sqm
-Tasting dinner at your place for 10 people (I buy delicatessen and take care of the service). Doesn't matter where as long as it's Europe -An original tale told while walking along Bray Beach in Ireland (my father's hometown)
-House in Sardinia for 4 people in the mountain 8km away from the sea, or in a house in Cervera (Palencia), or in a house in Vera (Almeria). I also offer to make any design chosen by the artist using bobbin lace
-Original ancient music scores to choose -Weekend in Carboneras next to Cabo de Gata (relax, landscapes, sun, beach) in a beautiful duplex in front of the sea (with or without me)
 -Octopus-based meal in a typical house in Pontevedra, including wine, desserts, fiesta… Trip to Pontevedra included, and a good company
 -I'm very much fun -Trio nº4 for violin and bass clarinet. Piece based on the movements of the Rubik cube (composed by myself)
-Modeling for you
-One single-line portrait of you like the ones on Proyecto Limón
-Original drawing from my father (Pedro Trapero) to choose (years 40s - 50s)
-Dinner for two in your house. We'll agree on a menu, but I'd suggest sushi, pea soup, quails with orange sauce, fruit salad and home-made apple pie Irrevocable commitment to donate the piece to the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid, I'd begin the procedures within 15 days -25 hours Portuguese lessons for two people, a lesson on how to make caipisinhas for up to 10 people and a private bossa-nova concert -25 hours photoshop lessons for artists
-Photo shooting with half-naked firemen from the CAM brigade
-20 tickets for any show in Garaje Lumiere (Madrid), a solo exhibition in Garaje Lumiere (before 2013) and a dinner including black rice with cuttlefish
-Painting form William Metcalf 715 x 715, from the Infiniti series 29 and 50, I keep the original invoice from Kreisler Gallery (Madrid) + 50 auction catalogues from the 80's and 90's -An afternoon paddling in the lake in the Retiro park
-Reproduction of an artwork from Hidalgo Pagés
-One of my artworks, I'm a ceramist and sculptor
-I'll teach you a new pictorical technique called liquid scannography: paint directly on the scanner using any pictorical technique without damaging it
-Speech therapy for 6 months, or lessons on how to speak in public
-A walk in the woods, during fall, in the mist. After that, lunch at home in a small town lost in the mountains in the North
-A week fishing octopus in the Rosaio Island, Cartagena de Indias
-Octopus with potatoes in the tavern A Penela, in the María Pita square, A Coruña -Lessons (at least 10 hours) on cardboard and paper constructions: making furniture, sculptures, etc. -
Guided tour to Los Gurruminos paper museum
-3 pieces from any of my collections: cross-stitch, miniature vitra chairs, Hummel figures, silver miniature figures, etc.
-Personalized papier maché caricature
-The possibility to show in a modern and independent gallery on street Antón Martín
-My name is Paula, I'm 3 years-old and I'm a painter like you. What I do best is smiling abstract faces. You can pick one of them
-A 50cm. boat propeller and my admiration for you
-One physiotherapy session
-Design to renew your house
-I'm an architect
-A boat ride at dawn in the Valencian Albufera
-I'll show you the best Romanic construcions in Segovia in two days time
-A trip to the Lost World -100 colour skull-shaped cookies
-I'll dedicate my new book (on the poetry of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz) to you, it will be published in November by Nostra
-A book with my drawings -A spiral and a flower drawn using a compass
-Three years free respiratory medicine visits
-One week in Menorca including accomodation, local home-made food and a guided tour around the island (I'm from Menorca)
 -I'll put your name to a star
-Collection of 30 photographs from artists of the first half of the XXth century. Most of them are signed
-Collection of 10 UN golden medals, 14 grams each, all of them different from each other
-Two bronze and silver medals tribute to Pau Casals (1971), they weight more than 100 grams and are numbered
-Collection of 12 commemorative envelopes and stamps, each envelope encrusted with a 20gr. silver medal
-Lot of 13 silver wedding coins, all of them different
-Brand new e-book with more than 100 books, memory stick with more than 1000 books
 -4 framed photographs of New York. I took them with a Leica between 2009 and 2011
-Economy lessons. I'll explain you the financial crisis with documentaries and bibliography
-Concert of Bartok by Stokouski. CD DVD audio with three versions stereo and two hi-fidelity audio transcriptions of the 35mm master
-Wood chess set designed by Josef Harwig (replica of the 1924 original) designed for the Bauhaus
-Original CD with transcription of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Very limited and rare edition
-Very rare copy of the book Winogrand, published in 1964
-Magnificent photograph from my Robert Capa collection
-A week stay in my house in Arvada in the Colorado mountains (USA), visit this beautiful place
-A week of real rural life in a town in Segovia with a population of 300, experiencing things like shepherds at work, harvest, school, mass, etc.
-Guided visit to Las Meninas and Las Hilanderas from Velázquez in the Prado Museum
-Private live show of the band Poets 2, wherever you want. Electronic music, poems performed by the singer and female voices singing mantras
-A hug and chauffeur services during a week in Madrid, 24h./24 -Naked modeling
-Peaceful weekend in the Guadalupe Monastery (in the woods of Las Villuercas), and a dinner in the best and most original restaurant in the world, luckily still kept a secret place
-A spectacular 40cm. diameter Ammonites fossil
 -Old tourist guide Baedeker from south-east Italy published in 1903, with plans of places such as Napoli, Calabria, Sicilia and Sardinia including also Malta, Tunisia and Corfu
-The most valuable thing I can offer: taking care of the artist's health, the friendship and attention of 2 doctors with lots of experience, specialists in oftalmology and gastroenterology
-The best Iberian ham that my husband can find in his Salamanca factory
 -Two Acoustic Energy 150W loudspeakers. Clean sound. Brand new
-Full invitation to participate in a workshop in the summer art residence in La Rioja, summer 2011, including sessions of energetic massage
-Oil painting by the Cuban artist Humberto Viñas -Goggles and a pair of flipers -A coffee in Paris -Watercolor painting of a sea (painted by myself)
-Weekend eating octopus in Galicia
 -A fascinating night in the Roman theater in Merida -Sharing the silence in the end of the world, in Fisterra (Galicia), watching nature and pilgrims
-15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén
-A space where you can show your pieces, 60sqm with direct access from the street next to street Segre (Bernabeu), the upcoming spring -I offer you piece number 12, I'm the author
-A small yet big gesture from a child with which you'll be able to listen to the universe where and whenever you want
-Broken hairgrip belonging to one of those people who fail to enter your life but are forgotten with time Return trip to the past and present. We'll first watch the Buñuel documentary "Las Hurdes, tierra sin pan" (1933). Afterwards we'll visit them riding a motorcycle, a comfortable Harley, you'll choose the soundtrack. We'll have dinner in Atrio, Cáceres. Share a day of my life, I suffer Chronic fatigue syndrome. I can only share my vision of life from the tunnel of darkness and ostracism that suffering this means

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