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Laureana Toledo


Acrylic paint on found posters 2015 40x60cm

Winning Bid

I want to make a book for free! Not the printing and binding costs but no fee from me! I am a book printer and my fee usually 20%.-

Barter History

-Boeuf Bourguignon at home
-Home made Korean Kimchi dinner and most skilled English garden
-Medowy flower arranging private lesson
-Dinner for two at my home, the menu is from Trinidad and Tobego
-A weekend accommodation in Newcastle and we will show you our favourite places
-A solid oak coffee table, hand made by me (a bespoke furniture maker)
-Dinner for two at my house in Battersea
-A week at a beach house in New Zealand
-An Art Licks tour in Peckham for you and your friends followed by an art licks cocktail for you all! Led by me, the founder of Art Licks!
-1 exquisite original Mathmos lava lamp in full working order accomodation in my home in coppenhagen for 1 week-end your personal hair stylist for a year an early edition print of my original artwork - it's beautiful!

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