Laurence Owen


30 x 35 cm, ceramic, 2015

Winning Bid

To stay in our house in East London for an undefinite time.

Barter History

-Relief-print "Babel" -printed from etching plate of marks made from brain wavelengths whils asleep
-20hr French or Italian lessons + italian dinner by me
-A home cooked Malaysian meal for you and your friends
-"Learning to tame our mind" participation in four meditation classes. Unbroken lineage of Buddhist teachers
-5 days holiday break in my family's house in Tuscany or 10 days on an island in Greece called Samothraki
-Penpal for the year! A letter with art postcards, photos etc every month for 12 months
-Custom built lamp made to spec. Plus dinner cooked by me while we decide on the design.
-I'll write music for the vase an as an interdisciplinary installation artist film on Super 8
-A cyanotype workshop for 2 hours

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