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Malvina Panagiotidi

The Fools III

Air drying clay and stone, 2019

14 x 11 x 23.5cm

Winning Bid

One artwork of your choice! (Alex Simopoulos)

Barter History

An original version of Joy Division . Closer with love A box of homemade Turkish delights colour + flavour in response of your piece Private Dj Set Limited edition hoodie New wind Sailing Championship of your choice/size one artwork of your choice! You can choose 1 from the following offers please (see pdf attachment) Taxidermies collection (lot of 3) A vintage Taxidermies collection of birds and other animals of traditional taxidermy artcraft of hunters of Evia. Collection purchased in 2016. Various items- you can choose a set of 3 Vintage Ceramic collection (lot of 6) A vintage ceramic collection of Keramikos & Icaros Rhodes of 50s 7 after era. Collection purchased last 10 years. Various items- you can choose a set of 10 Exclusive high end cosmetics (6 items) For Him & Her a variety of sealed high end cosmetics skincare & fragrances Marketing lessons & advisory (lot of 2 x 2h) + Perfume History & art (2h) Professional marketer & art collector gives sessions on his 10 yrs expertise on marketing (multinational group of companies on simulation to art market additional sessions on his passion: perfume history & art Tavern Arismari meal voucher (2x4 guests or 4x2guests) Traditional Cretan tavern at Halandri offers exceptional traditional food experience on your guests. 2 meals anytime for 4 guests. Just check tripadvisor.. 3 body massage treatment Body massage from professional masseur at your or his place Total: 3 rituals Private dj set

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