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Paul Fryer

Where Love Lives' (AP), 2012



Winning Bid

no exchange made

Barter History

-An original dukes hazard digital watch in its box
-One day lesson of skateboarding with a pro + free skateboard
-A week in my villa in Turkey (
-A year of free PR
-Love and Light
-Queen Elizabeth drawing by Teddi aged 6 one of my sculptures to the same value (sculptor Richard Husdon)
-Shorvon and hunter print
-Big hug + original B&W print of Ronnie Biggs by me
-A week or two in a 2 bed cottage in Combe Martin (from your old friend Amanda Dovell)
-2 original outfits (woman)made to measure or homewares -see my website :
-Spanish lessons from fluent spanish speaker a week end in Shoreham by Sea
-Flat with pool/spa/gym and a doodle
-One of my my handewoven scarves made from
-Natural fibres- of a similar value -my fairy garden picture
-Exhibition space and accomodation in Edinburgh
-Week end b&b and cocktails in house on somerset levels including visit to cider farm

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