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Phoebe Collings-James



70x100 cm (framed)

Winning Bid

A large clothing allowance at the

Barter History

-Masters thesis research written on a topic for you or your friend
-To crash for a week in my flat in Paris, Montmartre
two tickets for concert anywhere you like. For dates look at my website
-You can crash a week in my 200sqm apartment downtown Mitte Berlin
-To exhibit the piece in the 'old pharmacy' near Karlsruhe in Germany or severla pieces / either christmas exhibition 2010 or next year + invitations to the vernissage
-Professional editing services for promotional or advertising copy or other work
-A weekend in Barcelona
-My bedroom with me in it for a night
-Handicrafted beautiful silver cup (it catches my tears and blood) plus signiture brands for you and your girl/boyfriend or Austrian weekend for two in Berlin
-1 week full board holiday at Park House, the beautiful tudor residence of the Bingham Hall family at quaint New Buckenham in Norfolk including antique shopping in Diss, seaside trips and a rave in Thetford Forest
-A taxidermy bird
-A mac mini
-A weeks accomodation in NYC either in a lovely room in a shared house or my friends studio in the Lower East side - both in Manhattan
-Two bespoke knit pillows from
-A trip of your life in hidden Bulgaria
zodiac profile
-I'll change my name to whatever you choose
-A pair of moroccan slippers worn on stage and signed by Adam Ant
-A piano lesson (jazz + improvised musi) + a welsh lesson
-4 italian terracotta lower pots / new/ 50cm large
-One night with ali
-Contact me for an exhibition in bologna
-An enlightened spiritual journey through the tibetan himalayas, followed by reach around from me
-Song track EP production recording press and gig for presentation
-Red bicycle and two free tickets to Fishtank Festival
-Jessica Townson my best friend for a whole night - what you do with her is netirely up to you!
-my stuffed cat Stiff
-custom made performace piece lasting 10 from my company made in china, involving a home made cake and lots of physical exertions
-My home in berlin for 4 weeks
-I am building a trapeze rug and i will train you to be part of the 'lead butterflys'

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