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B&W Photographic print

60 x 80 cm

Winning Bid

Career advice and curatorial opportunities by MOMA curatorial assistant

Barter History

-5 Reiki healing sessions
-Swoon "miss rockaway armada" screen print on Mylar (18" x 14")
-Free guitars, songwriting, digitals recording/mixing lessons for 6 months
-25 German lessons (from a German teacher)
-I will match the sunset for 10 min everyday for a week for you, thinking of you, + sending you a photo.
-I am an Art Director/Designer. Look at my website and pick a service or I make bespoke lamps. At the moment I have a really lovely set made from Vintage tin cranes… email me for a picture… web:
-I will tuck you into bed everynight for a week and read you a story
-financial investment advice
-Learn French and eat my homemade French pastries/desserts! By me.

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