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Wax and pencil on cotton

35 x 35 cm

Winning Bid

1967 bottle of Seagrams V.O. Canadian Whiskey

Barter History

-I'll be your 'kate moss' muse for 3 months
-Caphe Cuc Chon - or - 1 Week stay at my house in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam (Accom Only)
-My bear surfboard
-2 weeks use of my home in Fort Wayne / Indiana in Jan or Feb
-Unlimited MTA pass for one month (best deal)
-Shoulder massage while watching cartoons of artist's choice
-1.) workout at the Trump International Towers and hotel gym. use all their amenities--sauna, showers, bathrobes, slippers. For a week. or 2.) Expert retoucher--Photoshop whatever work you want. Can turn a turd into angelina jolie. or 3.) Give you a free bridal gown or dress of your choice from a top bridal manufacturing company. check out

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