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Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Belly Button Whirlpool as part of the 'BLACK MAGIC' series

Colour Lithograph on 310 gsm somerset paper 2002

75 x 60 cm

Winning Bid

Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict poster from 1977

Barter History

-Free legal advice, intellectual property issues as speciality
-An evening of indian cooking and lessons in political philosphy
-An amazing and truly rock and roll fabulous personal photography book of an event/experience of your choice. I will throw in a digitally painted cover of you!
-A day with me for a photoshoot (see my website To do what you like! And a friend (hot young lady) who will clean your appartment house NAKED!
-I will write verse/poems on themes of your choosing and 1 or to mark important events in your or your family and friends lives for one year (up to 12 poems)
-A lesson on a grand pmx dressage horse
-Week end stay in padova/ italy + meet GABLS artists and curator (

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