Art Barter Istanbul @ 5533 - starting January 18th   e.g.   Art BarterJan 14 2013


This edition of Art Barter is in collaboration with Filiz Avunduk and befittingly located at 5533 in the Istanbul Textile Traders’ Market (IMC). 5533 turned a former commercial environment into a ‘contact zone’ where visitors from different backgrounds, professions, and communities interact with IMC inhabitants to experience various artistic forms in a non-exclusive and non-elitist atmosphere. As an independent space for research and discussion, 5533 hosts and organizes video screenings, performances and contemporary art exhibitions.

Artists participating:  




.-_-. , Murat Akagündüz, Bora Akıncıtürk, Gülçin Aksoy, Volkan Aslan,

 Ata Kam, Nancy Atakan, Güler Ateş, Bora Başkan, Elif Boyner, Irmak Canevi,

 Banu Cennetoğlu, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Natalie Edwards, Cevdet Erek, İnci Eviner, Leyla  

Gediz, Deniz Gül, Gözde İlkin, Borga Kantürk, Ayça Köseoğulları, Özgür Erkök

Moroder, Yasemin Nur, Lara Ögel, Pınar Öğrenci, Ahmet Öğüt, İz Öztat, 

Güclü Öztekin, Ali Emir Tapan, Ali Taptık, Güneş Terkol, Vahit Tuna, Mehmet Ali   

Uysal, Merve Ünsal, Nalan Yırtmaç.


5533 IMÇ 5. Blok no:5533, Unkapanı / Istanbul -

Opening 18th  January 2013 from 3pm – 7pm 

Open all days (except for Sunday, January 20th) until 26 January 2013 from 11am to 7pm


With thanks to Orton Akıncı, Volkan Aslan, Giulia Campaner, İz Öztat, Joseph Redwood-Martinez


and with special thanks to Ari Mulam




The Uncanny - Adeline de Monseignat/ Berndnaut Smilde @ ROnchini Gallery London - January 16/ February 16 2013   e.g.   Art BarterJan 14 2013

 The exhibition’s theme is partly inspired by Sigmund Freud’s celebrated 1919 essay of the same title. Based on the notion that the strange could not exist without the non-strange, Freud’s study pioneered the distinctive nature of the uncanny as a feeling of something not simply weird or mysterious but, more specifically, as something strangely familiar. Freud’s concept of the uncanny and his interpretation of dreams had a significant influence on the Surrealist movement and their depiction of the unnatural and strange.

Dutch-Monegasque artist de Monseignat creates sculptures and installations from organic and tactile materials such as fur, a material suspended between life and death, often encased in glass. Her works have an uncertainty as to whether they are animate or inanimate objects. She refers to her creations as ‘creaptures’ as they are somewhere in between creatures and sculptures. Her kinetic works aim to create a sense of life through movement and mimic a slow breath. The creaptures thus hold a sense of presence and their tactile qualities elicit in the spectator an unfulfilled desire to touch them.

Dutch artist, Berndnaut Smilde produces striking images of ‘real’ Nimbus clouds suspended within empty rooms. Using a fog machine, he carefully adjusts the temperature and humidity to produce clouds just long enough to be photographed. There is a unique ephemeral aspect to the work where the photograph captures a very brief moment before the cloud dissipates and disappears again as mysteriously as it was formed. His choice of lighting and viewing aspect enables him to create a representation of the cloud’s physicality. Smilde’s work looks at transience and challenges the physicality of space.