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David Noonan


silk screen on paper collage. HC (hors de commerce), 2015 54.5 x 40.5 cm

Winning Bid

Make a professional Hollywood style film trailer with any footage you want-

Barter History

-A weekend in the Rheigan of Germany with tours of vineyards and old castles
-A customised piece of furniture (reasonable size) designed according to your taste.
-Alternatively I'll bake you an apple cake
-A week's work in the studio
-I can write
-I will plan and organise a trip for you and your family to any sculpture park or art foundation in England, including paying for your travel and a hotel nearby for one night
-or 2 depending on your usual standard of hotel)
-To help you archive your books collection
-an oil portrait of you or your loved ones
- 3 afternoons of experimenting large-format screen-printing equipment
- help in the studios for 7 days in 2015 or 2016- 6 x 1 hour private yoga sessions focussing on an area or issue of your choice
- If you are coming to Switzerland (specially Geneva)
-I can give you an art tour around the city and a nice and warm bed
- Private chef for you and your friends/ help in your studio-

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