Berlin 2010

Art Barter's second international edition was co-curated with Charlotte Friling.
It opened on Thursday 24th June 2010 with a live performance by Gabriel Loebell Herberstein (former member of Gelitin). 

Featured Artists:
Jonathan Monk, Jason Dodge, Uwe Henneken, Saâdane Afif, John Isaacs, Wolfgang Ganter, Yudi Noor, Isabelle Graeff,
John Kleckner, Ilona Kalnoky, Sophie Holstein, Stefan Rinck, Haralampi Oroschakoff, Evgeni Dybsky, Jeremy Shaw,
Clémence Seilles, Charlotte Dualé, Stephan Balleux, Melissa Frost, Alejandro Moncada, Sergio Roger, Yukiko Terada,
Ludwig Kreutzer, Ricard Ricard, Pete Wheeler

On Friday 25th of June, Art Barter organised a screening night, featuring four artists whose works explore video’s narrative possibilities.
Program: Franck (2003) by Jan Peter Hammer; Real Remnants of Fictive Wars IV (2004) by Cyprien Gaillard; 7 Minutes (2003) by Jeremy Shaw and Primates (2010), by Phoebe Collings-James.

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