Art Barter @ Strummer Of Love - 2012

Art Barter joined the Strummer of Love festival in Somerset in August 2012. Exhibiting artworks by music related artists inspired by the late Joe Strummer, the public was able to bid on the art works using anything except money.
The works will be exhibited on a double decker bus turned gallery designed by pop artist Sir Peter Blake with CCA Galleries.

Featuring Artists:
Abigail Fallis, Bob Gruen, Mick Jones, Claude Simonon, Youth (Martin Glover), Paul Fryer, Gordon McHarg III, Gaz Mayall, Ian Bruce, Alex Cox, Nipsy, Akiko Matsuura, Kitty Finer, Baptiste Ibar, John McLean, James Putnam, Lauren Jones, Marc Zory-Casali, Marcia Farquhar, Pockets, Shorvon & Hunter.

Joe Strummer 10 year anniversary festival, Strummer Of Love has the mission to celebrate his life and raise money for the charity Strummerville which enables independent musicians to continue creating by assisting them with recording time, instruments, gigs and guidance.

CCA Gallery offered to host the Art Barter in their mobile gallery designed by Sir Peter. The  gallery is a bus designed in a groovy pop art style, with the aim of creating a rock 'n' roll tour bus for art and artists. The CCA Art Bus visits schools, communities, festivals, galleries and art events.

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