Istanbul 2013

Art Barter collaborated with Filiz Avunduk to host its 5th International show in Istanbul at 5533, from Jan 18th to 26th, showing works by a range of artists, from emerging to established, to enable a distinct mode of interaction and exchange through works of art. 

Featured Artists
.-_-., Murat Akagündüz, Bora Akıncıtürk, Gü Aksoy, Volkan Aslan, Nancy, Atakan, Güler Ateş, Bora Başkan, Elif Boyner, Irmak Canevi, Banu Cennetoğlu, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Natalie Edwards, Cevdet Erek, İnci Eviner, Leyla Gediz, Deniz Gül, Gözde İlkin, Borga Kantürk, Ayça Köseoğulları, Ozgür Erkök Moroder, Yasemin Nur, Lara Ögel, Pınar Öğrenci, Ahmet Öğüt, İz Öztat, Gü.lü Öztekin, Ali Emir Tapan, Ali Taptık, Güneş Terkol, Vahit Tuna, Mehmet Ali Uysal, Merve Ünsal, Atalay Yeni, Nalan Yırtmaç.

This edition of Art Barter was befittingly located at 5533 in the Istanbul Textile Traders’ Market (IMC).
5533 turned a former commercial environment into a ‘contact zone’ where visitors from different backgrounds, professions, and communities interact with IMC inhabitants to experience various artistic forms in a non-exclusive and non-elitist atmosphere. As an independent space for research and discussion, 5533 hosts video screenings, performances and contemporary art exhibitions.

Art Barter was supported by STEP, which stands for ‘Supporting Travel for Engaged Partnerships’. STEP travel grants support creative and critical cultural workers travelling across Europe and its neighbours, to help foster a society with greater solidarity, equality and a stronger sense of social justice. The programme is initiated and managed by ECF.

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