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Cowboy, 2008

Pencil drawing


Winning Bid

1 week in my house near Siena

Barter History

-I would like to offer to dedicate one of my country songs to you or your cowboy or to write and record an entirly new one. I will also cook you the best steak you have ever eaten with all the trimmings and a home baked cake of your choosing to be shared by you and I once a month for a year at my house or antoher location to be agreed upon. I would also happily plant you an herb and vegetable garden at a location of your choice in the springtime.
-An extended stay at my house- a large old artists terrace in the centre of Sydney, Australia close to the beach
-A swap/ a ink drawing by me
-Business/ financial planning advice
-Myself to model for you and ill bring a really yummy cake
-Fully inclusive week end on my lovely narrowboat on the canal/ river of choice.