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Charlotte Thrane

Tung i sproget

Acrylic, pigment and tape on cheseecloth

120 x 40 x 45 Cm

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Barter History

Distance goodnight reading session
1 Sponge cake for 4 people
pair fix to Fenway (Red)
“Hi, I've an italian acustic duo (we mostly sing sad songs about life) and we'll be famous pretty soon. Although we've got no EP at the moment (work in progress) we'd be glad to let the audience cry and think about the meaning of life in a live concert only for you (possibly in Paris or Turin, but we can consider any place in the worl) to mix it up with your artworks (I have no idea how at the moment, though). I can't approximate the value of our music but we can make tickets for the concert. Cheers
p.s. I'd attach a song but it doesnt work (instead here it is a nice picture of the two of us), you can check them here if you want
p.p.s I'm not (only) trying to promote my band"