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Angela de la Cruz

Nothing (Black/Blue), 2010


45 x 39cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-A tailored full look (suit or dress) from any of my collections (Ana Locking)
-One of my pieces (Sonia Navarro) and 10kg. of cucumber from Murcia
 -One year of therapy with Ernesto Toro in Madrid (two sessions a week)
-PR and communication services for one event
-5 powerful fetishes
-I'll barter for a piece of mine of a similar format (Pablo Genovés)
-Artwork exchange (Fernando Herlop)
-Whatever you like best from my wardrobe
-A cartography of my wrinkles
-A drawing by the Spanish artist Alberto de las Heras or a piece by Eric Doeringer
 -Consulting and advising on how to plan, design and build your house, taking into account bioclimatic, passive and sustainable aspects. A zero-energy and zero-carbon house. An ecological house.
-Spend some time, having coffee or a drink, in my apartment while I show you my contemporary art collection
-Accommodation in my house in Granada for a weekend, guided tours to la Alhambra, hidden places and visit to the best tapas bars
-Private dinner. Starters: mussel delight on toast with Cullera tomato and AliOli of purple garlic. Fresh hacke with Mota garlic, olive oil and pil-pil. Main dish: ox fillet steak with Himalaya salt. Desserts: home-made icecream of Cuban mojito. Wines: Albariño Fillaboa and Ribera del Duero (Pesquera reserva). Colombian coffee. Drinks and good company.
-Weekend on a boat in the Galician ias Baixas. We'll show you virgin islands, inaccessible coves, the Atlantic Islands natural parc, we'll eat and have dinner in old marine taverns, taste local fish and shellfish, we'll snorkel, we'll sleep under the moonlight in really beautiful anchorages; all this in the company of a family who is in love with those places. Guided tour through Toledo's contemporary architecture, including tapas, wine and gin tonics -I'll take you to my town in Morocco (warning: it's not beautiful at all), tourism of a different kind, you'll discover something different, another reality…
-Pencil drawing with fractal shape -20 tickets for any show in Garaje Lumiere (Madrid), a solo exhibition in Garaje Lumiere (before 2013) and a dinner including black rice with cuttlefish
-Extra virgin olive oil from my olive trees for one whole year and organic vegetables from my garden (potatoes, lettuces, onions, cucumbers, beans, chards, etc.) for one whole year as well. Home delivery
-Tourist guiding in Venezuela (Canaima, Los Roques, Isla Margarita) for five days -A drink while visiting the studio of the artist Zoltán -Road trip from here to Moscow by car, leaving in August 2012; we'll split costs, I'm only 20 Weekend in Don Benito (Badajoz) with my family and friends
-A short biopic. It will be amateurish and fun Bach flower therapy during a year (one monthly session)
-One of my paintings (I'm an artist), an exhibition in Madrid, a few days stay in my apartment in Madrid or English lessons
-Guided tour in Prague, a few home repairs or Czech meal / lessons
-My name is Paula, I'm 3 years-old and I'm a painter like you. What I do best is smiling abstract faces. You can pick one of them
-Old tourist guide Baedeker from south-east Italy published in 1903, with plans of places such as Napoli, Calabria, Sicilia and Sardinia including alson Malta, Tunisia and Corfu -Gin tasting lessons
-Balloon ride in Rioja -Exhibition in The Gallery jazz-bar, new exhibition space opening in September in Madrid near Atocha I'll take you to beautiful places in Madrid of which no one took photos before
-Spanish lessons (speaking, reading and writing properly. I'm a professional teacher
-I'll write a poem or short story for each painting / photograph / sculpture that you produce during a year, until July 2012 -A short poem
-15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén
-A space where you can show your pieces, 60sqm with direct access from the street next to street Segre (Bernabeu), the upcoming spring
-A drawing with as much silence as yours
-One week in September flying over Alicante
-99 enjoyable trips to the wc through photography
-I would make 10 to 15 beautiful prints of one of your etching/engraving