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2010 c-Print

Winning Bid

Bear your child

Barter History

-2 weeks at beautiful landscaped farmhouse in a village in India near bombay (1 week can be traded for luxury apartment in Bombay)
-5 nights in super apartment. Super spot in Brussels!
-company to any events as needed
-4 hours legal advice speciality in copyright and trademark law
-homemade dog costume
-free Amsterdam stay and free week end in center ( 2 days)
-1 full day website help or computer tutoring. 2) 4 X 5 bootleg h.sugimoto print
-2 cases pinot noir from pvt winery. Polariod portrait. Style/personnel shopping, advice, dinner at B.E.S and lots of good karma
-one week in Montana mountain paradise. On Madison River. 10001s of acres to run free. (5 bedroom house)
-30 German lessons in NY or 3 days snowbording lessons in Germany
-a drawing of the exact dimensions and subject matter as the photograph
-dinner at Roberta's Pizza in Brookyln, NY!!!!!!
-a pound of flesh
-help with website
-50 latin epigrams made to order, and hand-printed
-a year's worth (up to 6) different guided tours of NYC from a licensed (and employed) NYC tour guide - for up to 6 people_ tours can include underground (illegal) areas, bike tours through Central Park, or walking tours of Hell's Kitchen, Harlem, the LES, etc. GUARANTEED to be cool and interesting
-A friend in Bermuda & 4 bottles of 1st rate vintage Australian red wine and a box of Cuban cigars
-Chatter Dinner & Chatter Track - Designed, cooked and remixed for you by the music duo/installation artists The Little Chatterboxes of Bingen, a diner/lecture/installation will be created in yoir kitchen. All prep will be done off site and all clean up will be done on site. This theatrical culinary experience includes: (a)A three course homemade dinner that is designed to fit your taste and cooked in your home. (b)A semi non-fictional lecture demonstration on the history and related culture of your dishes. (c)A remixed recording of the evening's experience that the Chatterboxes will transform into a music single just for you. This way you can eat your cake and listen to it too.
-Design your website
-3 days at a 17th Century palace in India Catered meal for 4 in lovely Carroll Garden appartment plus waitstaff
-I'll give you a smile!! The guy is so serious. Compliments
-35 High quality mink furs to create the clothes/scarves/coats/manchettes of your choice
-A pair of invented photographs of me in my studio and a servant on Mondays
-a week on rabbit island (you provide transportation)
-6 cases of duvel golden ale and opening night sponsorship
-personalized/tailored menu pages/ resto recommendations via email or text 24/7 for your stay in NYC
-one night of doublevision
-A bath of tomato or veal or pasta or a new set of eye glasses
-artists assistant for 1 month + cook you dinner (twice)
-motorcycle ride, diner brunch, 6 commemorative color photographs
-being part of a very special european collection
-one year Paris Review subscription. Paris Review tote, plus 3 hour photo session with professional photos at your studio
-i will ghost tweet 4 u -or- curtis jeve sculptures