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Charlotte Duale


Etching on paper, 2010

50x40 cm

Winning Bid

a week at my place close to Antwerp and tickets to the ballet (for 2/4 persons) a car to drive to Gent and meals home cooked

Barter History

-Tickets to the next chelsea game

-a work of mine

-Snow mountain

-I sing you a song in Russian

-A 2 bedroom flat for 2 weeks in London (valid until January 2011)

-One of my drawings to see what I have done

-My appartment in the swiss mountains for a weekend (skiing season ahead!)

-My lovely flat in brussels for 1week (anytime)

-1 week in an enchanted farmhouse in the middle of the woods in sourth of Belguim for 6 people - comfortable, no noise/no neighbours charming view

-Chinese birdcage