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Going Straight to Hell (Color Study)

Glass, collage, acrylic 2010

15.5 x 15.5 x 10.5 inches

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Cocktail party all expenses paid for 75 to 100 guests with alcohol food and waitstaff (value $15,000). (
-More oysters than the guy above could ever offer
-2 standing tickets to the Sothebys Man contemporary Art Evening sale plus free subscriptions to any Sothebys catalogue for a year
-Dinner for 12 in Chelsea loft cooked by Eddie Brannan
-3 months of free PR
-The chance to make anything go viral on the internet and 1 apple pie
-Accompany me and family on our yearly trip to ecuador in feb 2011
-A kiss to the artist on his/her face
-Free european exposure blend, glamcult, i love fake magazine
-Contractually obliged to take care of all your writing/editorial needs for a year will do press releases/write ups/ previews
-(black) vintage 1970's wooden bar w/ leather trimming + italian leather couch matching +a virus TI synthesizer+random Atari 2600 games 50+
-10 complimentaring acupuncture sessions in Austin, TX
-cantonese speaking lessons for 2 hrs once a week for a month. Yummy chinese food included
-A tour of the United Nations from a current staff member + a weekend in a 2-bedroom townhouse in the east village + greek or arabic language classes (10 classes) + accomodation in Athens or Beirut for 2 nights
-Financial investment advice
-A date with my friend who looks like Keira Knightley a merger model
-I will write 1000 lines of good latin hexameter on a subject of your choise and hand-bind it into a book
-5 italian homecooked meals for up to 4 people (3 courses) whenever you want
-2 bottles of scotch and a pack of Marlboro's
-A year's worth (up to 10) different guided tours of NYC from a licensed (and employed) NYC tour guide - for up to 6 people_ tours can include underground (illegal) areas, bike tours through Central Park, or walking tours of Hell's Kitchen, Harlem, the LES, etc. GUARANTEED to be cool and interesting
-Career guidance or - jetski tour on the Hudson or - internship at internet start up
-A weekend in Bermuda for 1 including transport, meals, personal tour, basic accomodations and airfare for 1
-Series of 5 one hour long ice skating lessons. (I have passed highest level US figure skating assoc. tests).
-Dinner in NYC & Blackberry Curve & Sega Genesis w/games! & Used laptop (PC) & VM Ware (Mac-Pc) & PR Services (one week social media)
-I will wear anything you like and walk from 69th to W4th through Central Park
-6 nights accomodation in a London hotel (I work for the group that has St.Martin's Lane and Sanderson)
-I will cook a homemade Sicilian feast for 12 honored guests at my Bushwick loft (5 courses)
-2 weeks in a 6 acre/ 4 bedroom farm house in the Catskills with a pool & 1 article in the Huffington Post or Vogue Italia
-5 days on my couch in my apartment in the center of Rome
-free advice on any topic 24 hours a day for 3 weeks
-The sharing of 500 pencils
-40 hours / weekend of servitude. I am servant extraordinaire
-A real child's skeleton in slightly less than perfect condition (no skull)
-I'll traverse the Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridges wearing a cape bearing your name , likeness, message of your choice (photo/video evidence as desired)
-August 2011 - week in the berkshires for 2 (+) tix to Yo Yo Ma at Tanglewood; Dinner at the best restaurant "old in the green"; new marlborough - extra comfortable lodging