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4 pieces # 3

free- hand cut 100% cotton rag paper with uv glass shadow box framing -2009


Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Personnal tour around northern ireland
-A weekend in my flat in paris (2 night) for 2x
-if you chose to visit Jordan (where i am from) we will host you and organise your trip . Amman-Deadsea
-a poem about pi
-series of 5 long ice skating lessons. (I have passed the highest level US figure skating assoc. tests)
-5 hours of flute lessons or Italian language lessons, your choice
-I will make an under 5 min video for you (no porn) nudity ok
-interior design consulting for your apartment
-I'll cook dinner for you and 5 of your friends
-12 dinners (one per month or as you choose) at the place of my choosing where we discuss art and marketing-selling. (18 years marketing experience)
-entire TPb series of " Y the last man" - mint condition career guidance or - jetski tour on the Hudson or - internship at internet start up I'll tell you who Carly Simon really wrote "You're So Vain" for
-Sega Genesis with games! & Blackberry Curve & Laptop (used pc) & VM Ware (Mac-Pc) & PR Services (one week social media)
-I'll owe you two favours
-20 hours of copy writing
-Filming and editing of discussion on space and time (any length)
-Catered meal for 4 in lovely Carroll Garden appartment plus waitstaff and lots of drinks
-Cantonese speaking lessons for 2 hrs once a week for a month and yummy Chinese food included
-Home cooked Southern meal and 1 piece of clothing from my closet
-1 week in a 6 acre/ 4 bedroom farm house in the Catskills with a pool & 1 article in the Huffington Post or Vogue Italia
-Full identity suite:logo/signature, business cards, letterhead/correspondance, website design. My portfolio:
-3 months of basic primary care healthcare from a board er doctor
-free guitar, song writing, digital recording/mising lessons for 6 months
-artwork no 24 (Pietro Ruffo)
-artists assistant for 1 month + cook you dinner (twice)
-two artworks (TBA)
-I will ghost tweet 4 u -or- curtis jeve sculptures