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Enrique Marty

Duelo, 2010

DVD of watercolour animation

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-A tailored full look (suit or dress) from any of my collections (Ana Locking)
-20 Hail Mary and 10 Lord's Prayers
-I'll tattoo on my chest the artist's name, and will record it on video
-Interpreting your piece using what I learnt in El Bulli
-Lessons (at least 10 hours) on cardboard and paper constructions: making furniture, sculptures, etc.
-Guided tour to Los Gurruminos paper museum
-Personalized papier maché caricature
-Plastic gun with suction pad bullets -Solo exhibition in Dublin city center (Ireland), organizing and promoting it
-The materials that you used to make this work, including time
-15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén