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Eulalia Valldosera

Marcos digitales 04, Familia (Forever Living Products #2), 2008

Digital display 9 x 13.5 cm, with plastic frame 16.5 x 21 cm; memory card 16 MB SD Memory Card SDC-16M.

16.5 x 21 cm.

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Celebrate an event in the forest garden, Arte Ego, LABoral Centro de Arte, Gijón
-A recycling container to clean up the family
-Photo-album including family pictures, with stories of all of them
-A puppy of my dog, whenever I cross it -Geopathic study of your house and of your health
-Design of any architectural project you may need I'm an unemplyed graduate
-Bach flower therapy during a year (one monthly session)
-A collection of bottles of orange floor cleaning products that I bought in 2000 for an installation but never used in the end
-My mother's fear (white colour) to my potential unhappiness