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Francisco Toledo

Nacimiento, 2004


Winning Bid

5 work days of studio production, sound, filming or editing. For example a video about corn-

Barter History

-Timberland boots plus one month of free chilaquiles on my restaurant for breakfast
- 3 interpretations of dreams
- Washer and dryer frigidaire brand
- Astrological map and chart- Instructive to disarm a Sebastian´s sculpture (mexican sculptor)
- Fireman treadle car, original laminate paint
- Drum solo (1 minute every 30 minutes for 12 hours)
- A month in colonia Roma to give a workshop about transgenic corn
- 10000 poems, to interpret your artwork and 3 different regions candy boxes
- Vintage 50s mexican rebozo- psychological therapy, no license
- Chocolate homemade cake
- 10 erotic poems, unpublished of my authorship
- Michoacan candy box
- Vibes Canvas
- Need support through the piece, for my thesis about bats and motherhood. And help on preserve bats
- drawing on a road trip to Oaxaca by night, with alcohol together
- One signed etching of your choice from "The Human Body" series
- 1 apple tv
- Fiction short film about this artwork
- For any artwork on my page
- A website for you or someone else
- inorganic alimaña from desert
- 500 signatures for corn project