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ceramic, 2019

48 x 15 x 15 cm

Winning Bid

Barter History

English lessons for one adult or child from Harvard grad 
I am Sofia, I offer 10 clothes of my Boutique BELERINA or one week in Oropos
Longboard lessons 
I offer the piquillos of my bask grandmother
A day of training at night jumpig 
A semi-public-semi-private space for you to permanetly install a new work of yours in a site specific location at central Athens 
One week in house Rethymno Oct-May or Voucher Taverna Arismari Halandri 6 persons 
Whatever ceramic artwork you like from "High on Clay"
Homemade moldavian drink aged with smecta
good afternoon, i can't propose you a week in my castle in Spain or in my palace in Hollywood because i don't have any of those dreamy locations. But!!! I can invite you in a cosmic trip to the world of astrology. I propose you a full astro reading and more (little drawings of a star, moon heart)
one of my artworks of your choice! (ceramic, painting, or work on paper)
Kiln firing for 5 pieces of similar size to this sculpture
i offer you 20 hours of work!
You can choose 1 from the following offers please (see pdf attachment)

Taxidermies collection (lot of 5)
A vintage Taxidermies collection of birds and other animals of traditional taxidermy artcraft of hunters of Evia. Collection purchased in 2016. Various items- you can choose a set of 5

Vintage Ceramic collection (lot of 10)
A vintage ceramic collection of Keramikos & Icaros Rhodes of 50s 7 after era. Collection purchased last 10 years. Various items- you can choose a set of 10

Exclusive high end cosmetics  (10 items)
For Him & Her a variety of sealed high end cosmetics skincare & fragrances

Marketing lessons & advisory (lot of 4 x 2h)
Perfume History & art (2h)

Professional marketer & art collector gives sessions on his 10 yrs expertise on marketing (multinational group of companies on simulation to art market
additional sessions on his passion: perfume history & art

Tavern Arismari meal voucher (2x5 guests or 5x2guests)
Traditional Cretan tavern at Halandri offers exceptional traditional food experience on your guests. 2 meals anytime for 5 guests. Just check tripadvisor..

5 Facial Skincare diagnosis & treatment
Facial skin diagnosis with professional LED lamp & consultation from experienced trainer on Medical Aesthetic facial protocols. Home visit includes the 3 steps
Total: 5 visits – rituals

5 body massage treatment
Body massage from professional masseur at your or his place  
Total: 5 rituals

A week in traditional house Rethymno- Crete
Visit Rethymno and stay 200m from Rethymno beach in the town at a stone build traditional Cretan house (1910). The offers include stay from Oct 2019-May 2020 (except Easter). House hosts 2 persons

Artworks Documentation by Professional photographer on studio visits in Athens

My offer is my exes stuff that it is time for me to leave.
Everything is in great shape and also the sentimental value goes beyond functional.
• 1 round cast iron for pizza
• 2 oven gloves
• 1 Wok
* 2 chef’s knifes
• 5L olive oil from Messinia
• 1 white table lamb from IKEA
• 2 books (R. Barthes, K. Dimoula, brand new and unread)
• 1 box of Wedding Tea (Osulloc) from Korea (one tea bag is messing which we had drunk it together after our return)
• 1 JBL wireless speaker

If you accept my offer, i promise that i will cook for you mushrooms risotto with the wok that you’ll receive.
a studio space in petralona for a month to work on larger pieces
English lessons for one adult or child from Harvard grad