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Everyday Is Just The Same Day (Black Stain)

linen napkin, pencil, ink, coffee, food coloring, and wine dipped in resin 2008

19” x 19” unframed, 22” x 22” framed

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Trade for my work (
-Dinner for 12 in 2,000 sq foot fabulous loft
-Interesting conversation and laundry for 1 month
-Italian homecooked lunch or dinner for a month once a week
-Free guitars, songwriting, digitals recording/mixing lessons for 6 months
-26 German lessons
-Kissing class/ lecture/ practicum. I have been teaching since 2009.
-12 hours of introductory classes to Philosophy
-2 Fat Daddy Loves You bathcoats in your preffered colour, style & fabric
-2 hours of private tango class with a very good/famous teacher in NY & a homecooked Turkish dinner