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Jose Davila

Homage to the Square

hand-cut, high-temperature ceramic and metal tray, 2014


Winning Bid

Mexican modernist furniture or Lamp

Barter History

- Star with certified and location coordinates
- A drum solo, 1 minute every 30 minutes for 12 hours
- Artist text translation to french, english or spanish
- I´ll play music at all your birthday party, until you die
- Photo printed and framed
- To be your assistant in London for 24 hours in total for your next London based show or anything else you might need. You can use the hours over as many months, or years as you like
- Instruction to disarm a Sebastian´s sculpture (mexican sculptor)
- Homemade dinner for 8 people with wine and champagne
- An ice cream, cup of coffee and cake in “la galeria“ neighborhood cafe
- writing and proofreading for exhibitions and catalogs texts