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Joshua Press

After Van Dyck (portrait of Cornelius Van De Geest)

Oil on Canvas, Framed 2011

12x9cm unframed

Winning Bid

Barter History

- Dress or outfit by the Rodnik band with optional trip for tea at Rodnik Studio for fitting
- 1 Lamp made of whitefeather
- 60cm or 80cm check
- A week end in rome in italy
- 4 people for dinner surrounded by French girls at the Brewers House, my sweet lovely home, fairytale house, full of secret history, off brick lane made by an absolutely genius architect
-4 hand made/loved made leather or textile purses, choose your colour and dimension, so lovely you're gonna love them, present for friends or yourself
- 2 days Art tour in Paris
- Limited edition print (
- A selection of my bespoke gourmet raw chocolate (30 pieces heart shaped)
- I'll cook breakfast for you and friends
- A piece of writing about your work (ie a catalogue entry)
- I'll clean your bath (just once though)
- free PR by Paper PR for your next exhibtion (
- 2 hours of free massage
- A week in the south of turkey
- An amazing home-cooked Indian meal
- Artists swap a piece made for you
- My mum will buy another piece of your work (she's been wanting one for a while)