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Juan Zamora

Chupándole el rabo a un cuadrúpedo de cabeza azulada, 2010

Drawing on wood.

27 x 22 cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Weekend in a mansion in Ibiza, full service
 -A poem and a short story about your piece
-Celebrate an event in the forest garden, Arte Ego, LABoral Centro de Arte, Gijón
-A drawing of your piece every day during a month
-Artwork exchange (Juanjo López Cediel)
-15 hours of conversational English lessons through skype or in person -whenever that is possible
-An excellent home-made stew at home, with a good Ribera del Duero wine and home-made crème caramel for dessert
-A drive in my convertible around Madrid for you and your friends, beers included!
-Oil painting on board done by myself
-Picture of a tiny drop exploding in a million bits at 320km/h (really impressive)
-Spend some time, having coffee or a drink, in my apartment while I show you my contemporary art collection
-Tasting dinner at your place for 10 people (I buy delicatessen and take care of the service). Doesn't matter where as long as it's Europe
-Original ancient music scores to choose
-My first Naranjito figure of the '82 World Cup
-A kite and flying it together
-Original drawing from my father (Pedro Trapero) to choose (years 40s - 50s)
-Dinner for two in your house. We'll agree on a menu, but I'd suggest sushi, pea soup, quails with orange sauce, fruit salad and home-made apple pie
-Xerox copy of the theater tragedy "Kaspar", by Peter Handke. Learn how to speak through memories that might have never existed and suicide later with red pen hand-written notes of himself. Oh! and a pot full of Leotron
 -Guided tour in the Prado Museum
-Designing a magnificent house for you when I become an architect
-Home-made chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting
-Bach flower therapy during a year (one monthly session)
-Guided tour in Prague, a few home repairs or Czech meal / lessons
-Ideas to renew your house
-I'll teach you how to play Tute (cards game)
-A bottle of olive oil from Puerta del Segura (Jaén) (the best in the world)
-An afternoon drinking coffee and talking about art
-A canvas the size of a sheet of paper by a sought-after Cuban artist (landscape)
-Hand-made small broom, like the ones ages ago, it's really beautiful
-A trip to the Lost World
 -Collection of 30 photographs from artists of the first half of the XXth century. Most of them are signed
-Collection of 10 UN golden medals, 14 grams each, all of them different from each other
-Two bronze and silver medals tribute to Pau Casals (1971), they weight more than 100 grams and are numbered
-Collection of 12 commemorative envelopes and stamps, each envelope encrusted with a 20gr. silver medal
-Lot of 13 silver wedding coins, all of them different
-If you are who I think you are, I'm curious about what you'd do with what I offer: the collection of gifts I'd never give, the library I'd never have
 -Being your assistant for 6 months
-The materials that you used to make this work, including time
-Full invitation to participate in a workshop in the summer art residence in La Rioja, summer 2011, including sessions of energetic massage
-Oil painting by the Cuban artist Humberto Viñas
-Breakfast for two in a balloon above Córdoba
-15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén
-3 years urology consultation in Hospital Ruber Internacional
-The skirt I had on me when I made love for the first time (it's been washed since then)
-A cotton bracelet made by an ex girlfriend and a blue rubber bracelet I was given by a girl who will never become a girlfriend
-Afternoon snack of Tigreton and a Coke sitting by the lake in the Retiro in Madrid