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Column inches of print media dedicated annually to the banking industry / popular interest in the science fiction genre

Ink on paper, framed under glass

12cm x 17cm, 50cm x 50cm framed

Winning Bid

Private screenings of a curated choice of science fiction movies at one of the fully equipted thx cinemas at babelsberg

-The perfect dinner in the perfect surrounding

-The 2nd issue of

Barter History

-Free appropriation of our Michael Jackson Logo (pamphlet attached)
-Exhibition at Salon Neucologne + a ride through Neukolln at night with free food + drink
-A picture - you're welcome to take it of my freakish looking middle finger nail
-2 paintings 1 nature
-2 weeks-my flat in Berlin
-A great Ukulele lesson
-A piano portrait
-Five free boxing lessons in Prenzlauerberg
-A lipstick, bought in paris- the sexiest red ever (unused)
-A work on paper with the NY times obituary of Marcel Duchamp