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Syd with Record Player- London 1969


16 x 20 inches

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-I will write a piece about you for a newspaper/magazine in the UK
-1 dinner anywhere in the city and one hour awesome body massage (erotica)
-A photopass to radiohead or paul mccartney
-Erotic massage
-I write and record a song about the image
-I would love to write for a book of mick's work. I'm a writer and a fan
-I'll read 'La mort des Amants" by Baudelaire to you in french
-Trade for my art.
-Free guitars, songwriting, digitals recording/mixing lessons for 6 months
-I would like to offer you my beloved Grateful Dead version of the monopoly game " Deadopoly". Offer includes one round of playing and cuba libres in our loft apt in Dumbo, NYC.
-Full identity suite: logo, business cards, letterhead/correspondance, website design. My portfolio: / christine_clayton
-1967 bottle of Seagrams V.O. Canadian Whiskey
-Career guidance or - jetski tour on the Hudson or - internship at internet start up
-Chatter Dinner & Chatter Track - Designed, cooked and remixed for you by the music duo/installation artists The Little Chatterboxes of Bingen, a diner/lecture/installation will be created in yoir kitchen. All prep will be done off site and all clean up will be done on site. This theatrical culinary experience includes: (a)A three course homemade dinner that is designed to fit your taste and cooked in your home. (b)A semi non-fictional lecture demonstration on the history and related culture of your dishes. (c)A remixed recording of the evening's experience that the Chatterboxes will transform into a music single just for you. This way you can eat your cake and listen to it too.
-Exchange for my artwork in the show (#14 Jon Waldo)
-Travel with me on my next trip wherever I choose to go, or I'll be your documentation on your tripv To be a UK based assistant and/or press assistant for anything you have coming up there for 1 year of your choice (art curator and press assistant)
-Your face used for a character in my next comic book
-I offer you a roasted lamb on a rainy bluesy Sunday together with humble peeps in Dumbo
-Sex advice, no guarantees, though you will not be disappointed w/ my graphic descriptions