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Diego Teo


34 x 48 cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-English/Spanish lessons for kids (groups of ten) for five days. Coffee included.
-A down town tour in the city of Oaxaca. Museums & breakfast included.
-"What the earth suffers I suffer" Digital print 27 x 35.
-9 serigraphs of 10x10 of wrestler's masks in red and blue ink, a 20cm x 25 painting of the Bimcumbi collective. 3 Serigraphs in black of a beetle, a bat and a Chinese golden cat.
-Four nights at Chicatana House and we cook. 
-A video of two, three minutes. "Fabricaokulta" editing or a 40X30 drawing
-50k dms, alternative coin, 10 coins of 5k dms- (art project)
-one trip to La Purisima in Mexico city
-4 days of personal assisting, including coffee and mezcal, in Oaxaca
-30 toys for kids in street situation for Reyes Magos
-We will build the piece to turn it into an immersive experience using virtual reality enabling a viewer made of cardboard (Card Board).