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Jaime Ruiz Otis


24 x 28 cm

Winning Bid

One piece of my authorship, ink on paper

Barter History

-A 70x120 cm engraved piece.
-A lot of warming clothes for the homeless
-Boxing initiation classes
-1 x 4hr workshop learning the art of coil wearing basketry with a mixtre of fibre inding palm fibre, wool, cotton and more
-A framed engraving of my authorship + a tour of the SISMACC workshops in Celaya, in the engraving workshop (Does not include per diem, nor lodging)
-A video of two, three minutes. "Fabricaokulta" editing or a 40X30 drawing.
-Chine-collé and acrylic print on paper by Luis Hampshire 28 x 22 cm. (series of 3 of your choice)  Gallery price 4,000 pesos
-10 posters 60x40, silkscreen/2 inks.
-A trip to Pachuca to exhibit your work in our coffeshop
-5 days of home meals/ guided tour to las Pueblas de Oaxaca
-Tour of bars and canteens of mexico city, acompanied by a group of multidisciplinary artists
-A collection of book, mostly humanism (20 aprox)One piece of my authorship, ink on paper.
-List of scenes that I saw but did not photograph.