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Ivy Armour


Felt, 2017

16 x 16 cm

Winning Bid

4 session of yoga

Barter History

-Clothes (100 items) for girls & women in need. School items for ten younglings.
-A Temazcal session
-A basic tutorial of pedal knitting for two day.
-One of three options: 1 Change for the 23° piece, 2 pigments of various colors, 3 German or Spanish classe
-One book: "The revolution on Oaxaca December 14th
-Food, art exercise talk; Share what I have written; To teach my trade of dance and all kinds of dance; My culture; My friendship
-Four nights at Chicatana House and we cook. 
-3 night for lodging 2 people in Oaxaca
-2 watercolours of mine, to choose.