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Dr Lakra


Lithograph, 2010.


50 x 65 cm

Winning Bid

no exchange made

Barter History

-I offer my full body for tattooing
-I could see this piece each day of my life in exchange of ten pieces of my autorship
-Dinner with owners of Chicatana House Hotel
-A picture of my autorship
-Roundtrip to LA for massacre68 USA tour may 2018 (date to be confirm)
-One week of lodging in my house on San José, Costa Rica.
-I offer you an exhibition with visuals made with your art in collaboration with me. I will do the music for you. And a week at my house in the heart of Berlin in 2018
-Assistance for one month in an engraving workshop
-Painting of my authorship 150x200
-Roast beef with rib eye, quesadillas, Marlin tacos and campfire at home
-Personal photo collection of nudes.
-20-minute massage and performance
-Beer and mezcal
-Seminar and philosophical talks
-2 liters of Tobala mezxal
-4 nights of stay (appartment in Oaxaca, 4 nights at hotel xcaanda in Juchitan, Oaxaca, 2 people)
50k dms, alternative coin, 10 coins of 5k dms- (art project)
-photo portrait and half mix of Maya -i have a great selection of photos
-3 prints of my authorship, 2 pencils used by me, 1 Raslevi authograph
-A lot of vinyls (20 used records)
-200 tazox and other used toys from 2000 and some spinners and cards of different cartoons
-Lets deconstruct the piece and turn it into an immersive experience, using a cardboard virtual reality visor