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Balam Bartolome


Ink on paper, 2017

39 x 27 cm

Winning Bid

An engraving of my authorship

Barter History

-Two dvds of Xanatolo Huasteca Carnival
-50k dms, alternative coin, 10 coins of 5k dms- (art project)
-Editorial design/work catalogue 20-24 pp.
-Weekend in pachuga hidalgo. Present your works in our cafe called RII Café"
-Lets have one or more funny nights in Oaxaca or lets meet in Berlin, my hometown and after we have met, I'll make a sound piece for you. See you, Yours Floki (aka Wiebhe Köplin)
-I am a train graffiti artist, so I offer your name on the S-Train of Berlin, Germany. Name can be pseudnym or creative word. For example David / Hate66 / Plukf - or a sign.