Philip Colbert


25 x 25cm, Sequin on canvas, 2015

Winning Bid

Barter History

-2 free tickets to a Tracey Emins' talk in December + plus one question you can ask her of your choice
-Glitter, sequins, sparkles and unicorn dust
-One day's labour from Georges Manner, 14, strong, clever and we will also make you a great lunch and dinner
-The mother (and artscholar)- Artist flm - I shoot on super 8 film
- A collage!
-I can make you a beautiful lifesize (human like) jelly grain that is edible (panacotta and jelly), or mini G&T jelly brains that glows under UV. I promise they were tasty
-Graphic illustration of you :)- Legal advice via email support & personal one on one as your trusted legal advice up to 5 hours
-I  will file all your emails and flags these that require follow-up for 6 months
-Make ten dress for the new baby born
-You can have some lovely flowers
-1950s cocktail bar (Eames atomic style) in excellent condition
- Dinner at our house in Islington