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Sergi Serra Mir

Desubicació Permanent, 2011

Polystyrene sculpture with acrylic paint.

19cm x 28cm x 10cm

Winning Bid

Artwork by Sandra Blancaranda

Barter History

-Spiritual guidance and lots of peace
-Artwork exchange (Sandra Blanca Aranda)
-A drive in my convertible around Madrid for you and your friends, beers included!
-My poetry (warning: it's good) -Original ancient music scores to choose
-4 kitsch religious figures from the 30s, 40s and 50s (virgins and Christs)
-Any of my photos, to choose from Fcuencadiaz's Photostream , printed up to 30x40cm. in museum quality, black and white
-Original drawing from my father (Pedro Trapero) to choose (years 40s - 50s)
-Dinner for two in your house. We'll agree on a menu, but I'd suggest sushi, pea soup, quails with orange sauce, fruit salad and home-made apple pie
-15 German (A1) and/or English (C1.3) lessons, or 10 sessions of creative writing (I'm a student in the ECH in Madrid)
-Bach flower therapy during a year (one monthly session)
-Guided tour in Prague, a few home repairs or Czech meal / lessons
 -Collection of 12 commemorative envelopes and stamps, each envelope encrusted with a 20gr. silver medal
 -Lot of 13 silver wedding coins, all of them different
-Publicity on my blog, a visit to Reina Sofia Museum and tour around Madrid