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Tania Candiani


Winning Bid

Remodeling project for your studio, office, flat or any space. 2 weeks on a flat in Escandon colony, 1 flower every single day for 1 year, no matter where you are-

Barter History

-Artwork n.22 exchange
- oatmeal crust apple and pear pie
- Custom shoes or pledge or visit to Six Flags
- Interpretation of each of the adjectives for redheads
- Audio translation with every word
- Astrological map and chart
- Artist text translation (english, french, spanish) plus a mixtape and home made dinner at home with my partner
- A storyboard for a film project
- A drum solo, 1 minute every 30 minutes for 12 hours
- Deep tarot reading, 2 hours and 27 cards
- sketchbook
- An unique and amazing drawing
- One artwork ( and one dinner
- Six french lessons with crepes include
 - Living room (5 people) + Dining room (4 chairs)
 - Scholarship or support for a child or teenager to continue their studies or art education or sports training
- Personalized coaching for business projects and custom guayabera (traditional mexican shirt
- crepes shop and coffee
- light and dark photo in the water of a stream
- Do something that contains each word together, one activity per word or phrase
- A picture painted by me
- I week stay in a cool apartment in Los Angeles
- One tour around more interesting places in the city, I´m art historian-