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Veronica Gerber Bicecci

Trail, page 10

ink on book page, 2012

21 x 27cm

Winning Bid

Barter History

- One skype phone call with Sophie Calle, for 30 minutes
- Dj, 3 records random
- My favorite book, marking words that conform a dream of destruction
- One photo 11 x 14
- Custom shoes or pledge
- Go with you to San Juan market for looking a used clothing, and buy one piece
- Acapulco chair and one record, to listen comfortably
- Private visit around cellars an vaults at Museum Franz Mayer
- Horse tooth pendant
- Diary of my broken thoughts that I wake up to find
- One phrase for your phrase, not words necessarily
- Azaruba Azerbayan work
- Tarot reading
- One dinner with my best fish tagine, home made and mixtape for dinner
- Astrological map and chart
- One year free accounting
- printed and framed photo
- Academic interpretation about your work
- Video production about you or your work
- 10 cannabis muffins
- negative of the same page
- One year artisan, organic free soap (4 a month) and nonna´s cake recipe italian original
- Video production (mounting, recording) about your work
- To translate into a photography a broken thought for you
- 3 sex therapy sessions
- exchange for collage n.5
- Living room (5 people) + Dining room (4 chairs) + coffee maker (capuccino, black, espresso)
- A theoretical text about artwork and a walk by the city writing and proofreading for exhibitions and catalogs texts
- 4 weekends or 8 afternoons as assistant
- A solution for a broken thought
- A desire tour
- All the books that I read over a year and one dinner noodles soup
- Complete website, programming and complete file of artwork