Volker Sieben

Black Puti (from serie

Pressphoto on paper (Collage), Oil, pencil, chalk, graphite 2005-2010

42 x 30 cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-zodiac profile
-A little balsa box of good ideas and bad ones (but not as many bad as good, just around 5 1/2)
- I wont do anything but I'll appreciate what I get
-My 5 finger shoes (Uibram)
-6 weeks in my holiday home in Peckham
-Artist residency in Eastern European Village forever - if you paint the place Comic book Spirou in french first edition
-5 sushi dinners at my house
-A photo of his arse
-10 tennis lessons
-Bew portraits of young ladies in a bath - natural `Bathtime'
-any scientific questions answered from how many British libraries you can fit in your little finger to why they would almost be travelling at the speed of light
-An Austrian weekend in Berlin for 2
-A week in my summer house/villa in the south of Turkey (there are no tourists!)
-a) box seats at qpr with a three course diner b) cook you my world famous wiskhey irish stew with all my friends c) design you a house/flat of your dream (i am an architecht)
-a very cool bike. It's red, made in Austria with British gearing. It's a girls bike size of a fold up
-a guided tour of paris - courtesy of the frendch cultural attaché over two consecutive days